Business Sherpa Group wins UPS Small Business of the Year (under 100 Employees)

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Business Sherpa Group is pleased to receive the UPS Small Business of the Year (under 100 Employees) from the CanadianSME National Business Awards

Business Sherpa Group is pleased to receive the UPS Small Business of the Year (under 100 Employees) from the CanadianSME National Business Awards 2022. It was a pleasure to attend the gala in May to receive the award and to meet and interact with inspiring and outstanding entrepreneurs from across the country.

The gala hosts put on a great evening and we want to thank them! UPS, who sponsored our award category, and Google who was the presenting partner for the awards. SMEs make up a huge part of the Canadian economy and we appreciate that together these groups help celebrate the excellence of some of the many, many great SMEs in Canada. Of course there were more groups and sponsors involved, and many who dedicated their time, whom are noted on the CanadianSME Small Business Awards website.

From our CEO, Todd Luckasavitch

Speaking to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, Todd described feeling “proud of the incredible team at Business Sherpa Group” upon learning that the organization won UPS Small Business of the Year 2022 (under 100 employees). Having won the award made him feel like “the effort we put into providing top-notch delivery and support to our SME clients is paying off.” We feel his sentiments exactly when he says he’s excited for next year!

When asked to give advice to other leaders, Todd said “to keep a close eye on emerging trends, listen to your customers, and be willing to adapt and evolve your business to meet their changing needs.” While also saying the team is just as important and that you need to take care of them to ensure success.

From Margo Crawford, Founder of Business Sherpa Group

Speaking to us, Margo Crawford described winning the award as “a wonderful honour and well-deserved recognition of a team dedicated to helping small and mid-sized businesses achieve their potential.” Margo reflected on how we go to this point over 15 years, focusing on how to establish critical business functions including finance, cloud accounting, and HR inside of SMEs in a way that provides them with the best quality services the industry can offer at a price that is affordable, all while maintaining practices that are at the leading edge of the field, we are in.

Speaking to the clients we serve, Margo continues to praise SMEs for their important role in their communities and the economy, and how important it is for them to achieve peak performance. BSG is here at the ready to help any business get to that point, and “this award recognizes the impact we’ve had, and the tenacity of a team laser focused on achieving our vision – a world where all SMEs can succeed and thrive.”

Just like Todd – she is excited for the future and for the next CanadianSME National Business Awards!

The Canadian SME National Business Awards

As stated on their website, “The CanadianSME National Business Awards are designed to recognize and applaud the contributions of small businesses to Canada’s economy. They celebrate the small business owners who work hard to make their small business a success. Every year, hundreds of small business owners gather to celebrate small businesses and their successes, this year celebrating over 500 businesses from coast to coast.”

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