It’s in the bag: Cleaning the Capital

a man with a large bag of garbage on the side of a road.
Bells Corners is getting cleaner, greener, and ready for summer.

May 6 and 13, members of the community came together to clean up and remove trash from public areas. It’s a collaborative efford aimed at promoting cleanliness, environmental awareness, civic engagement.

a group of people that are standing in the dirt.

Participants of all ages and abilities get involved, including families, business teams, students and community groups.

a man with a bag of garbage in a park.

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a man and a woman taking a selfie in front of a car dealership.

Thank you to all the volunteers and businesses who helped make this day a success in keeping our Village in the Greenbelt clean!

The Bells Corners BIA has started removing all the grafitti around Bells Corners to also help clean up the village.

a man and a woman standing next to a car.

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About our Banners

A well-made vinyl street banner is a visually appealing and durable outdoor advertising medium that catches the attention of passersby.

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Become a Vendor

To get started as a vendor, please complete this short form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The fee is $25 per Sunday, payable to Bells Corners BIA.

Be prepared to bring everything you need for your display. We set up at 10:30am and run until teardown at 4:00pm.

Keep it family friendly! Displays intended for a 19+ audience won’t be allowed.