At Tasman, we have all of your bases covered:


Where you are, where you want to be and how we can get there.


Protection and peace of mind with wills, powers of attorney, estate analysis, insurance and trusts to fit your circumstances.


Annual planning, monitoring and execution, in hand with suitable tax structures and return preparation.

Cash Management

A fundamental activity that is defined by your retirement plan.


Governed by a personalized investment policy statement (IPS) that reflects your objectives, risk tolerance and retirement goals.


The five Tasman principles:

Client Focused

We take the time to understand what’s important to you and your family, and we offer the financial strategies to help you achieve your goals.


Objective advice is free of conflicts of interest to ensure that it focuses on your priorities and concerns. How an advisor gets paid does matter. We only receive our compensation from you directly. We do not receive any fees or compensation from any other source.


We are not connected with any other parties, allowing us to work within your network, or establish new partnerships for you to create a clear and sustainable financial plan.

Comprehensive and Thorough

We focus on all the elements of your financial future with a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with the alternatives. We can then develop a comprehensive strategy that will ensure your long-term PEACE OF MIND.

Ongoing Partnership

Effective stewardship of any plan requires proactive implementation. Regular monitoring of the markets and personal priorities ensures the plan is relevant. We believe in working with clients in an ongoing partnership.


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