We are convinced that Persis Grill will satisfy each one of you!

Kebab and seafood lovers will be delighted and vegans as well with a variety of fresh meals without meat and dairy products. We are absolutely sure about one thing that everyone will enjoy: the freshness of the food, healthy and tasty with high quality ingredients; No MSG, no preservative, no artificial flavor.



  • MIRZAGHASEMIA delicious medley of BBQ eggplant, eggs, garlic and spices
  • DOLME BARGE-MOFresh vine leaves stuffed with homemade stuffing made from rice, onion, herbs & spices


    Beef Kebabs
  • SULTANI KEBABCombination of one skewer of charbroiled tenderloin & one skewer of ground beef
  • TORSH KEBABOne skewer of charbroiled sirloin marinated with pomegranate paste and walnuts
  • BARG KEBABOne skewer of tenderloin marinated with our special spices
  • PERSIS SPECIAL BEEFOne skewer of charbroiled Canadian Prime sirloin with green peppers and red onions
  • KOOBIDEH KEBABTwo skewers of delicious ground beef


    Chicken Kebabs
  • CHICKEN KEBABCharbroiled marinated boneless chicken breast
  • CHICKEN LEG KEBABCharbroiled marinated boneless chicken leg
  • VAZIRI KEBABOne skewer of ground beef with one skewer of chicken breast kebab
  • Enhance your Rice with Zereshk, Shirin or Baghali Polo.

    Chicken KebabsShirin polo: Cranberries, carrots, walnuts, pistachio, pecans and orange peel mixed with saffron and basmati rice

    Zereshk polo: Redberries mixed with saffron and basmati rice

    Baghali polo: Basmati Rice mixed with dill and fava beans


  • PERSIS SPECIAL FOR 2Two skewers of Koobideh kebab, one mix skewer of Chicken breast Kebab and Barg Kebab served with your choice of rice and 2 salads (House or Shirazi Salad)


    Lamb Kebab and stew
  • LAMB CHOP KEBAB4 pieces of lamb chop marinated in our special blend and grilled to perfection
  • MAHICHEHA traditional lamb shank stew in a tomato base sauce served on top of basmati rice mixed with dill and fava beans


  • FESENJANPersian stew filled with pomegranate paste, walnuts and pieces of chicken served with basmati Rice
  • GHORMEH SABZIHerbs stew with kidney beans, cubed beef and dried lemons served with basmati Rice


  • ATLANTIC SALMON FILETGrilled or pan seared salmon filet served with basmati rice and house salad
  • GRILLED SHRIMPOne skewer of jumbo grilled shrimp served with basmati rice and house salad
  • FRIED CALAMARIServed with basmati rice and house salad


  • VEGGIE KEBABAn array of broiled fresh mushroom, red onion, zucchini, eggplant, green and red pepper & tomatoes served with basmati rice and house salad

Listing Amenities

  • Halal
  • Indian and South Asian
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