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ASSA High Security Lock Products

Considered the first choice for a wide variety of security applications, ASSA, Inc. High Security Locks has manufactured premier locks for industry, military, and institutions worldwide. Our patented key and cylinder design provides a level of key control second to none in the industry; eliminating the possibility for unauthorized key duplication and compromise of end users’ security solutions.

ASSA is virtually pick proof and bump proof

ASSA’s family of high security products can accommodate a wide variety of both institutional and residential applications. We offer a full line of cylinders designed to retrofit the leading lock manufacturers’ locksets along with our own stand alone deadbolts, padlocks, and auxiliary locks. ASSA locks employ a patented dual locking mechanism that renders the lock virtually pick proof and bump proof. This unique operation has allowed us to develop a patented key control system which protects against unauthorized duplication of keys and that can be master keyed into a security system to fit any customer’s needs. All ASSA high security products are listed under U.L. 437, a set of tests used to determine a product’s physical resistance against various forms of attack.


High Security Deadbolt

The ASSA 6000 Series deadbolt is designed to withstand any form of physical attack including drilling, prying, driving, or pulling. Its free spinning guard… visit to read more.

High Security Auxiliary Locks

ASSA High Security Auxiliary Locks utilize the same high security features and master keying capabilities as our other products plus… visit to read more.

High Security Padlocks

ASSA padlocks are constructed of the highest quality components and are capable of withstanding the most relentless forms of physical attack… visit to read more.

Cylindrical Lock Cylinders

ASSA’s key-in-knob and key-in-lever type cylinders provide the ultimate in high security retrofit for a variety of leading lockset manufacturers… visit to read more.

Cylindrical Lock Cylinders

ASSA provides a full line of mortise cylinders designed to retrofit into most leading lock manufacturers’ locksets and exit devices including Sargent, Arrow… visit to read more.
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