Fly On Travel is a reliable full-service travel agency located in Ottawa’s west end. Their expert team of travel consultants offers customized tours, hotel accommodations, all-inclusive packages, and airline reservations for both local and international destinations. They are committed to providing affordable prices and individualized, top-notch service to each client.

  • Affordable prices
  • Professional team
  • Customized tour planning
  • Committed travel experts
  • Exceptional customer service

Affordable Hajj and Umrah Flights and Accommodation

Fly On Travel offers competitive pricing on flights and accommodations to Saudi Arabia. Our team of experts ensures a high-quality travel experience, making your pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia a memorable and hassle-free journey.

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Comprehensive Travel Services

From affordable travel solutions to customized tour packages, Fly On Travel offers expert travel management with committed professional staff providing individualized first-rate service.

Affordable travel solutions

Offering cost-effective travel options.

Customized tour packages

Tailored trips to unique destinations.

Expert travel management

Efficiently handling local and international travel.

Committed professional staff

Dedicated and experienced travel consultants.

Individualized first-rate service

Providing personalized customer service.

Affordable Flights and Hotels For Hajj

Offering competitive prices for flights and hotel in Saudi Arabia.

High-quality travel experience

Ensuring a memorable and comfortable trip.

Hajj and Umrah Flights

Planning exceptional travel arrangements for clients.

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