BPM Studio

We are a one-stop shop for musicians and creative freelancers looking to mold and shape their passion into a professional brand and career.

We started with one goal: help artists with strategy and direction so that they can take their career to the next level without losing focus on what matters, their music. We wanted to create a place where artists could go to get everything they needed from one place to cut out the guessing work of what to do next. We’ve seen so many artists fall through the cracks and give up because they can’t keep track of budgeting, advertising, blogs and publications, reaching out to shows to get performance spots, getting quality merchandise and keeping track of sales, growing their fan base, all this while still having to be in the studio day in and day out working on music. That’s where we wanted to help.


We wanted to implement systems that help artists develop and execute a proper brand strategy. The music industry is a business, and businesses have business plans and brand strategies, so why shouldn’t artists? It’s important to have a consistent theme, look and tone with your brand so you can develop a fan base that resonates.


From music production, to music videos, photography and promo videos, we have it all – all in one place. We wanted to have a fully featured music recording studio with a fully featured photo/video studio a few steps away. Artists will now be able to get projects out quicker.


This is where the magic happens and unfortunately is where artists struggle most. From budgets, to merchandise, to blog posts, to advertising and managing and optimizing ad campaigns – this is a lot for artists to keep track of and the learning curve can be very difficult. We wanted to build a team that is current with the strategies that work and are constantly optimizing.


What’s next? It’s important for artists to continually put out content and to have systems in place to capture and retain the fan base. Marketing can be very expensive if you don’t make the most of it. This is where a website, email lists, collabs, content strategies and so much more come in to make the most of the new momentum. We wanted to have resources to help artists with all of that.

Through all 4 of these needs came BPM Studio; BPM meaning Branding, Production and Marketing. A one stop shop, located in our home town of Ottawa, Canada, for artists to build their brands and grow their fan bases effectively.


Feather flag advertising the Bells Corners Market

Become a Vendor

To get started as a vendor, please complete this short form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The fee is $25 per Sunday, payable to Bells Corners BIA.

Be prepared to bring everything you need for your display. We set up at 10:30am and run until teardown at 4:00pm.

Keep it family friendly! Displays intended for a 19+ audience won’t be allowed.