Small Business Week is Oct 15 to 21

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Information and news about BDC Small Business Week. Stay informed!

How can businesses win over Canadian consumers?

Find out in Business Development Bank of Canada’s (BDC) latest report on emerging consumer trends. Learn about which factors will affect consumer purchases in the coming years, what Canadian customers value when making a purchase, how those values vary by age and what your business can do to adapt.

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Protecting your business: The power of CASL

In today’s digital landscape, protecting your Canadian business is paramount. Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) is one tool to help you prevent cyber threats and report spam. Understand how CASL can also help you stay competitive and thrive.

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Don’t let your business’s old digital devices go to waste

For over 30 years, Computers for Schools Plus has been extending the life of digital equipment by accepting device donations from anyone, including businesses. By donating, you not only provide digital equipment to those who need it but also help the environment. As an added bonus, your donation is tax deductible.

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Empowering Canadian businesses through CDAP

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) helps Canadian companies reach new heights thanks to invaluable advice and funding. Learn from others success in CDAP’s business spotlights and unlock your business’s potential today!

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Find government resources and support

Do you file six or more information returns?
If you do, beginning January 1, 2024, you must file them electronically with the Canada Revenue Agency to avoid penalties.
Looking for your corporation key?
Seize control of your online transactions with Corporations Canada: Find your corporation key for swift and secure corporate filings!

Learn about IP
Empower your business with knowledge for growth and protection. Discover the basics of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs.
Expand your business with essential tools
Register for MyEDC to build global network connections and access reports, webinars and market insights.

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The fee is $25 per Sunday, payable to Bells Corners BIA.

Be prepared to bring everything you need for your display. We set up at 10:30am and run until teardown at 4:00pm.

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